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3rd Kokaido Art Show 2010 DURATION OF THE PROJECT Residency: 25th January – 10th February 2010 Exhibition : 11th – 28th February 2010 PLACE OF THE PROJECT Iwate-ken Kokaido (Iwate Prefecture civic Centre), Morioka, Iwate, Japan
"The universe is filled with sounds. We are constantly showered with myriad sounds emitted from the beginning of the universe. Once transformed into audible range of frequencies, they suddenly catch our ears as familiar sounds: the breaking waves from the oceans, bird song, the chirp of cicadas. or even the rumble of thunderstorms." (T.H.)
Mixing these universal and earthly sounds with recordings of natural and human vioces that he collected in India and New Zealand, Tomas arranged them into a huge sound installation housed in a spiral chamber amplifying the universe in harmony with humanity. (catalogue: 3rd Kokaido Art Show+, p 45)

The universe is filled with sounds, which are being detected as radiowaves, microwaves and others. Scientist are listening to them to find out what happens and what happened in the times of the expansion of the universe after the big bang - with the newest technologies they are able to catch even an echo of the big bang. The magnetic fields of our solarsystem, the nearer and farer galaxies and the floating energies in outer space are emitting curios tones. The waves are transformed into hearable frequencies for better reflection, and, if hearing this sounds, you will be evocatived to the sounds which you are used to hear on earth. Sometimes it sounds like the breaking weaves of the ocean, or the singing of birds, the chirr of cicadas and the rumble of thunderstorms.
I collected sounds in Europe, India and New Zealand – natural sounds from animals, oceans, volcanoes, hot springs etc., as well as sounds of cultural, spiritual, and civilising areas – manmade sounds - e.g. to imitate the sounds of the nature - and at least the human voice as singing songs.

What I can do as an artist in the face of the universe is to build up a simple construction like a shaky hut. A spiral as a fence with live outside. Hearable live. The form of the construction has no symbolic meanings, it is a physical room to get in resonance of imagination, while the sounds float around the visitor like an circular accelerator. The composition refers a physical, as well as maybe a spiritual expression of the perpetual spiral of time, of birth and death.
My wish is, that the visitors will come in resonance with the “ Universal Spiral”.

Tomas Hoke, 2010

Cedarwood, interwoven with flaxropes
Ø 650 cm, 320 cm high.
patched 8 raw loudspeakers, 8 channel soundmix, PC

Organising Committee of Iwate-ken Kokaido Art Show
Chairman; Yasuo Ubukata
Art Director; Hironori Katagiri
Administrater; Minoru Nagase

European Artists
Tomas Hoke, Austria
Hazem El Mestikawy, Egypt
Barbara Graf, Swiss
Kate Thomson, UK

Japanese Artists
Minako Ishikawa
Takuya Okada
Hironori Katagiri
Shihoko Kobayashi
Naoko Chiba
Fumiaki Aono
Hisashi Momose
Megumi Honda
Takeshi Honda
Shinichi Mori
Saiko Sato
Kenta Motomura

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