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Wvznr: A492
Europa, WV 492, Edelstahl 2600 x 110 x100 cm, Plexiglaszylinder, hinterleuchtet Leuchtsstoffbbalken (T5)
Internationale Skulpturenausstellung, Den Haag Sculptuur" "Europa in beeld" Juni bis september 2002
A new team led by director Maya Meijer-Bergmans organised the five year exhibition, "Europe’s Image, Myth and Reality". The theme related to the intense focus on the unification of Europe. Well-known sculptors and fresh and upcoming talent from all fifteen member states of the European Union showed their European roots. Classics and contemporary works of art confronted visitors in a playful manner with the question of whether the classical Greek myth on the king’s daughter Europe (in the form of a white bull), who was abducted by Zeus can still be seen as a metaphor for the fascinating appeal of attraction and repulsion in the unification process of contemporary Europe. The sub-title, Myth & Reality, encouraged visitors to reflect on the question of whether unity in diversity is unity or diversity. For the first time, a prize was created by The Hague Sculpture and partners. The jury assessed a special selection of five talented contemporary artists from Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Luxembourg and France with respect to their special talent to capture the European spirit innovatively and confrontationally. Anton Cotteleer, Remy Jungerman, Piia Ollikka, Bert Theis and Eric Liot were assigned the creation of a special work of art with as theme: Living in Europe / European living.

Armando, Atelier van Lieshout, Apel’les Feno-
sa, Barry Flanagan, Bruno Gironcoli, Chantal
Grard, George Grard, José de Guimaraes, Karl
Hartung, Tomas Hoke, Alfred Hrdlicka, Peter
Johansson, Allen Jones, Per Kirkeby, Jean-Ber-
nard Koeman, Herman Lamers, Claude Lalan-
ne, Christian Lemmerz, Aristide Maillol, Carl
Milles, Henry Moore, Petra Morenzi, Jan van
Munster, Nadia Naveau, Jaakko Niemelä, A.R.
Penck, Patrick O’Reilly, Takis, Tomas Schütte,
Bert Theis, Franz West.

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